Behind the Night Bazaar

btnbazaarTaught, edgy and vividly realised…delivers the ironies and moral complexities of the best crime thrillers.
Garry Disher

Thirty-something Australian Jayne Keeney works as a PI in Bangkok. Shaken by a serious incident, she heads north to visit her close friend Didier in Chiang Mai, though there’s no relief for her there. Murder is in the air and the police, led by Lieutenant Colonel Ratratarn, have no interest in justice. But Jayne does. With some help from Arthur Conan Doyle she digs deep—past the tacky glamour of the city’s clubs and bars, arrogant expats, corrupt officials, and a steamy affair—to find out just what happened behind the Night Bazaar.

Winner, 2004 Victorian Premiers’ Literary Award Unpublished Manuscript by an Emerging Victorian Writer

Shortlisted, 2007 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Book

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Praise for Behind the Night Bazaar

‘Thought-provoking it is but [Savage] does so in the context of a thoroughly readable and, yes, entertaining story…Keeney emerges as an appealing character, emotional and yet capable of cold-eyed action. She smokes too much, speaks Thai fluently and likes a drink and a shag. She has a well-developed moral compass…Better still, Keeney is built to last and this debut has all the makings of a long-running serial….I’m looking forward to the next instalment.’ — Jeff Glorfeld, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald

‘Coolly elegant with a lovely sense of place, Savage directs her authorial tuk-tuk into the literary precinct without sacrificing the requisite violence, corrupt police, edgy social commentary and the need for her heroine to become a lonely social crusader in the best hard-boiled tradition.’ — Graeme Blundell, The Weekend Australian

‘A resounding debut…Behind the Night Bazaar is an exotic detective novel tinged with darkness that fearlessly plunges into the dangerous Thai backstreets, with a plot that unfolds with defiant assurance’ — Australian Crime Fiction Database

‘The narrative pacing, characters, and setting were all well tailored and clever. Jayne, in particular, was presented as engagingly human, complete with the damaging emotional choices she has made in her past and present… I would definitely recommend this book to those who like clever crime, strong female leads and immersion in a context fraught with politics and race tensions.’ — Tseen Khoo, The Banana Lounge

‘Well-written; solidly political re AIDS, sex work, ex-pats in the “Third” World; culturally sensitive and observant… a decent unravelling of nasty crime. And even better, straight author and detective engaging with gay culture, AIDS and homophobia in meaningful ways. Fab.’ — Writereaderly

‘[A]n excellent debut that vividly evokes its Thai setting’ — Mrs Peabody Investigates

‘Keeney is a well-rounded, smart but not perfect, ass-kicking heroine, and she owes a lot to Sara Paretsky’s V.I. Warshawski… [O]ne of my favorite discoveries…’ — Ms Wordopolis

‘It’s a good read – strong characterisation, well-realised local setting, and some real humour.’ — PJ Coggan

‘Both an engrossing crime thriller and an exploration of skewed notions of love, social responsibility and cultural superiority’ — Judges report, Victorian Premiers’ Literary Awards

Behind the Night Bazaar cover★★★★★ Good Reading Magazine — recommended for book clubs.

Recommended Reading – Criminally Good Reads, Reading Room, Yarra-Melbourne Regional Library.

Buy Kindle version on Amazon. See here for other ebook options.

Translated into German as Nachtmarkt.

Available as an audio book.


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8 Responses to Behind the Night Bazaar

  1. Damien Gay says:

    Hi Angela

    Congratulations on a wonderful book, I hope it’s received with the attention it deserves.

    I just thought I’d let you know that, after reading your warnings on the spoilers in my review, and because spoilers are a pet hate of mine when reading other reviews, I’ve gone back and reworked the review on the Australian Crime Fiction Database so that it gives less away.

    Damien Gay

    Australian Crime Fiction Database


  2. angelasavage says:

    Dear Damien,

    Thanks for your message and well done on ironing out those spoilers!

    But most of all, thanks for your review and the positive feedback on ‘Behind the Night Bazaar’. My publicist Michael Williams sent me a link to the review just before I headed off to the launch party, and it was a real confidence booster to read it. I’m thrilled that you liked the book, and your enthusiasm renews my energy when it comes to working on the sequel. So thanks.

    Here’s to crossing paths in the near future.

    Best wishes,



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  4. kathy d. says:

    My question is how do we get this book in the States? It sounds like a great read.


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