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On location: Bangkok 5

I’ve been reading Into the Badlands by British writer John Williams, an account of his two month road trip exploring ‘the underbelly of the American dream’, based on interviews with his favourite American crime writers. At one point, he drives through Chicago’s Hegewisch neighbourhood … Continue reading

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On location: Bangkok 4 (Point of view)

In an earlier post, I mentioned taking my character for a walk around Bangkok, imagining how she would experience the city if she was feeling joyful. The following day, I imagined how the same streets would appear to someone feeling … Continue reading

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On location: Bangkok 3 (It’s the little things)

One benefit of being ‘on location’ to do field research for my new novel is that the landscape is filled with ‘Show, don’t tell’ moments. For instance, I could write pages about how revered Thai Budhist monks are in Thailand. … Continue reading

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On location: IVF and hospital nursery

Some readers will know that the topic of my current work in progress (aka WIP) is commercial surrogacy between Australia and Thailand. Today’s fieldwork excursion took me to a hospital in downtown Bangkok, where I know local women acting as … Continue reading

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Reading protest

I am deeply moved by reports of silent reading protests against the coup in Bangkok. According to the independent online newspaper Prachatai English, the silent reading protests started on 27 May and have been ongoing, with people gathering in groups of four to … Continue reading

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Whitney and I

Only last night I was talking about Whitney Houston, reliving the memory of discovering karaoke on a study tour to the Philippines in 1989, when the sad news came through today of her untimely death at the age of 48. … Continue reading

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