Newcastle Writers Festival 2016 beckons…

logo2The fourth annual Newcastle Writers Festival is happening on 1-3 April 2016, and I am thrilled to be part of it.

My partner in life and crime fiction, Andrew Nette, and I were initially invited to the festival to be part of the launch of Crime Scenes, an anthology of short crime fiction, edited by Zane Lovitt and published by Spineless Wonders, in which we both have stories.

FullSizeRenderBut as festival director extraordinaire Rosemarie Milsom is never one to miss an opportunity, since we happen to be there, we’re also going to be chairing a couple of panels, too. As a result, I got gifted a truly stunning festival pre-reading pile (right). Times like these, I love my life!

My official festival gigs are as follows:

The romance and reality of life in another country.
With Nancy Knudsen and Patti Miller. Hosted by Angela Savage
Sat 2 April, 2016, 11.30am-12.30pm, Hunter Room, City Hall

Partners in Crime: The role of the short story in crime fiction
Discussion & book launch.
With Zane Lovitt, Andrew Nette and Angela Savage. Hosted by Jaye Ford.
Crime Scenes to be launched by Barry Maitland.
Sat 2 April, 2016, 3pm-3.45pm & 3.45pm-4.15pm, Mulubinba Room, City Hall

Reality Bites
Fiction writers discuss how real life inspires and infuses their work.
With Fleur Ferris, Jaye Ford, Rod Jones and Charlotte Wood.
Hosted by Angela Savage.
Sun 3 April, 2016, 11.30am-12.30pm, Civic Theatre.

I can barely contain my excitement (or my nerves) at the thought of participating in these sessions.

I had the great pleasure of being part of the second Newcastle Writers Festival in 2014, and I can’t wait to be part of this one. When not chairing sessions, I’ll be trying to get to as many sessions as I can on this amazing program, and catching up with friends.

If you’re in Newcastle on the first weekend in April, please do drop by and say hi.


About Angela Savage

Angela Savage is a Melbourne writer, who has lived and travelled extensively in Asia. She won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for an unpublished manuscript, and the Scarlet Stiletto Award short story award. Her latest novel is, Mother of Pearl, published by Transit Lounge. Angela holds a PhD in Creative Writing, is former CEO of Writers Victoria, and currently works as CEO of Public Libraries Victoria.
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6 Responses to Newcastle Writers Festival 2016 beckons…

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, how wonderful that you both are going to be at Newcastle, Angela! I’ll bet your panels will be fascinating, too. I hope you’ll take the time to debrief us when it’s over!

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  2. WordMothers says:

    Hi, eldest son and I went last year and thought it was great! We’re hoping to make this one too, although I’ve been sick for the whole week and presume it will start making its way through the rest of the family, so I’m not sure yet. Will definitely look you up if I manage to get there! x

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  3. Kathy D. says:

    Fantastic, and a family deal, too. How great for both of you.
    And that gift bag looks like a treasure.
    By the way, pertinent to flora and fauna in and around Thailand, since I learned some interesting things from Jayne Keeney, thought I’d pass along this stunning discovery in Thailand about the history of life on earth, Maybe Jayne will want to bring up this fish in one of his musings:

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