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Death in July: Festival of women’s crime writing

Christina Bulbrook
This article first appeared in Lip, 1 July 2014

Angela Savage & Leigh Redhead, will be appearing together twice at Death in July

Angela Savage & Leigh Redhead, will be appearing together twice at Death in July

Women’s crime writing has come a long way, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing. Like walking in high heels, there have been moments of comfort and ease, and  a stumble here and there and the odd blister.

But central to the ongoing success of female crime authors is the support of fellow writers, providing an arm to lean on to prevent those stumbles when a stiletto heel gives way.

An opportunity to experience this support and celebrate women’s crime writing is The Death in July Festival of Women’s Crime Writing, thanks to Ballarat Writers Inc in partnership with theSisters in Crime organisation.

One lady who is looking forward to the festival – and is also giving the keynote address – is Australian crime writer Angela Savage

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Ballarat prepares for Death in July

This article first appeared in Secrets, 29 June 2014

Crime novel enthusiasts are counting the days until next weekend’s Death in July festival, celebrating Australia’s female crime writers. Angela Savage is a keynote speaker at the event, the popular crime author sharing with Secrets Magazine her thoughts as a Sister in Crime.

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Ballarat murderfest

From Bookmarks with Jason Steger, Saturday Age – Spectrum, 28 June 2014

Crime fiction enthusiasts might want to head to Ballarat next weekend for the Death in July Festival of Women’s Crime Writing. On Friday Angela Savage will give a keynote address at the Museum of Australian Democracy Eureka in which she will endeavour to identify a unifying thread running through the wide range of Australian women’s crime writing. She says she has ‘‘come up with a thread, albeit gossamer thin’’ that she reckons binds the writing together. And there will be a debate around that old favourite topic of which gender does crime writing better, when opposing teams of crime writers will speak for each other’s case. The women arguing for the men are Vikki Petraitis, Leigh Redhead and Savage, while the men for women are Robert Gott, Andrew Grimes and Jarad Henry. Sessions include one on young-adult crime fiction and forensics. More info:


About Angela Savage

Angela Savage is a Melbourne writer, who has lived and travelled extensively in Asia. She won the 2004 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for an unpublished manuscript, and the 2011 Scarlet Stiletto Award short story award. Angela holds a PhD in Creative Writing and currently works as Director of Writers Victoria.
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4 Responses to More on Death in July

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    What a lovely article, Angela! I wish you much success at the festival, and I hope you’ll post lots about it.


  2. kathy d. says:

    This sounds so exciting. I know your keynote speech will be good. I wish I could hear that Great Debate — wonder what each side will say. I don’t think I could argue that men are better crime writers without a few glasses of wine first, that and a lot of laughing mid-speech.
    Have a great time!


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