The Teardrop Tattoos now available

I’m thrilled to announce my award winning short story The Teardrop Tattoos is now available to purchase here on Amazon for Kindle readers.

Set in Melbourne, Australia, the story is told by an anonymous narrator recently released from prison into public housing near a child care centre. When she receives a complaint about her dog, a restricted breed, she blames a mother whose infant attends the centre. Acquiring disguises from the local op shop, she stalks the mother and sets about plotting a terrible revenge for the loss of her dog.

The Teardrop Tattoos won the 2011 Sisters in Crime Scarlet Stiletto Award and I’ve been meaning to release it in electronic version ever since.

Designed by Nicole Meister, the wonderful cover image is based on a photograph by Paul X Stoney; see the original image here and more of Paul’s wonderful photos here.

You can check out a sample of The Teardrop Tattoos on Amazon and read the whole story for only USD$0.99.

Feel free to leave a review on Amazon if you do read it and/or let me know what you think in the comments section on this blog.


About Angela Savage

Angela Savage is a Melbourne-based crime writer, who has lived and travelled extensively in Asia. Her first novel, Behind the Night Bazaar won the 2004 Victorian Premier's Literary Award for an unpublished manuscript. She is a winner of the Scarlet Stiletto Award and has thrice been shortlisted for Ned Kelly awards. Her third novel, The Dying Beach, was also shortlisted for the 2014 Davitt Award. Angela teaches writing and is currently studying for her PhD in Creative Writing at Monash University.
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10 Responses to The Teardrop Tattoos now available

  1. Angela – That’s wonderful! Off right now to check it out!


  2. Haydn Savage says:

    great photo for a great story xxDADxx

    On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 8:40 PM, Angela Savage


  3. Rose Mercer says:

    Off to buy it right now – glad you’ve got the eVersion up 😀


  4. Louise Sampson says:

    Hi Ang – I downloaded this to my Kindle last night, what an unexpected but very welcome treat for my evening read!. Well done – I can certainly see why it won an award. The story was great, very tight, with a good number of surprises. It clearly had a different voice to your novels; no doubt that’s your skill in giving voice to a very different protagonist. But there was a confidence, assurance and directness about the writing that is also different from your novels. I wonder: could one reason for this be because the setting was your own cultural space, rather than a expat western foreigner in an Asian space, with all the constraint, limitation and withholding that entails? Interesting to know what you think. Perhaps you have more to say, from this other Australian space. I like the edge on it, and would be happy to read (and buy) more.


    • angelasavage says:

      Hey Louise, thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback. Interesting theory about the difference in tone between writing about my own cultural space and writing about Asia. Funny thing is both ‘The Teardrop Tattoos’ and ‘Killing Peacocks’, the story that will appear in the Crime Factory: Hard Labour anthology being launched next week came out of questions I had about whether I could even call myself an Australian writer seeing as how I wasn’t writing anything set in Australia.
      You’ve given me food for thought. Thanks for that.


  5. L.A. Larkin says:

    Congratulations Angela and what a stunning cover!


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