Me and other Aussie authors

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’ve got less than 12 hours to complete the Aussie Authors Challenge I signed up for in 2011. I aimed for the ‘True Blue’ category of reading and reviewing 12 books by at least nine different Australian authors in a year. To date — that’d be nearly 365 days into the challenge — I’ve reviewed ten books by nine different Australian authors, eight of them women, eight of them crime fiction.

Of course, I’ve read more than ten books this year — and more than ten books by Australian authors. Problem is I’m too busy being an Aussie author to write more reviews.

This year I’ve finished a complete first draft of the third Jayne Keeney PI novel and started on the second draft. I’ve written two short stories, one of which won the Sisters in Crime 2011 Scarlet Stiletto Award. The other will appear in an Australian anthology of short crime fiction to be published by the awesome guys at Crime Factory in 2012. Stay tuned for more news on that in the New Year.

I’ve participated in three writers’ festivals and two panels at The Wheeler Centre, and had the pleasure of ‘appearing’ on radio several times to talk books, most recently on Radio National Summer Breakfast (see photo) to plug a couple of my favourite crime novels of the year (you can listen here).

So I’m not signing up for a large scale read-and-review challenge in 2012, especially with a new novel to deliver.

But I am participating as a guest author/reviewer in the Australian Women Writers 2012 Reading and Reviewing Challenge, an exciting project to promote the reading and reviewing of a wide range of contemporary Australian women’s writing throughout 2012, the National Year of Reading. I’ll be reading and reviewing at least one book in a genre other than my own and writing a review for the Australian Women Writers blog. You can sign up to participate in the challenge here.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, Thanks to my gorgeous partner, I’ve got a brand new Kindle to play with over the summer and piles of books and ebooks to devour.

Happy New Year everyone. And happy reading.

About Angela Savage

Angela Savage is a Melbourne writer, who has lived and travelled extensively in Asia. She won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for an unpublished manuscript, and the Scarlet Stiletto Award short story award. Her latest novel is, Mother of Pearl, published by Transit Lounge. Angela holds a PhD in Creative Writing, is former CEO of Writers Victoria, and currently works as CEO of Public Libraries Victoria.
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3 Responses to Me and other Aussie authors

  1. Hello Angela, I don’t suppose you’ve heard of me. My name is Margaret Lynette Sharp, and I’m the wife of the Sydney Opera House Organ builder Ronald Sharp.
    During 2011 I published five books written from September 2010 onwards. All have been edited by my husband. Readers, and they are few in number, tell me they like them, and several have bought extra copies as gifts. They’re in some libraries, too, and get borrowed. Problem is, to date I can’t get widely known. Any suggestions? My books are available from They have sample pages on the site. I also have a blog with WordPress. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


  2. angelasavage says:

    Hi Margaret,
    My simple answer to your question about how to get your work widely known is, ‘Write great books.’
    I don’t want to sound trite, but that’s always been my approach.
    Other than that, you are ticking all the boxes by having a blog, selling on Amazon and getting your books into libraries.
    You can ask your friends and fans to post reviews on Amazon and elsewhere online as this can help. You can also send copies of your work to reviewers and bloggers, though this works best if you are selective and choose people who typically review books in your genre.
    Hope this helps.


  3. Hi Angela, Thanks for your reply.
    I’ve taken your comments on board, and it’s given me hope.
    There may well be light at the end of the tunnel!


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