Leaps and bounds

Today I had a bound proof of my new novel The Half-Child handed to me. This is a new experience: Behind the Night Bazaar was never produced as a bound proof, only galley sheets. But apparently a bound proof is the way to go these days to ‘do the best thing by the book,’ as one of my editors put it. I know I can’t keep my hands off it!


Of course this is not what the finished product will look like. Chong Weng-ho, who did the cover for Behind the Night Bazaar, has worked his magic again and the cover for the new book is stunning. I’ll check with Text to see if/when I can post it here.

News just this week is that I’ve been invited to speak at the Melbourne Writers Festival in September–which is like winning gold as far as I’m concerned. Turns out The Half-Child will hit bookshops on 30 August 2010–the same week I’ll be speaking on a crime panel at the festival. Perfect! The launch party will be the following week…but more on that later.

Speaking of festivals, I’ll be appearing in a comic debate at the Bayside Literary Festival in Brighton on Wed 26 May 2010 convened by the Sisters in Crime on the topic ‘Crime doesn’t pay’. Author Lindy Cameron and I make up the team for the affirmative, up against author Vikki Petraitis and Assistant Commissioner Victoria Police Sandra Nicholson debating the negative. Jane Clifton is MC. Should be a hoot–though I’ve never tried my hand at a comic debate before and I’m feeling the pressure. Here’s the CV I submitted for the event:

One of the following facts about Angela Savage is not true [there’s a clue in the photo below]:

    Ang wearing a boa

  • She was on her high school debating team.
  • She graduated from Melbourne University with an Honours degree in Criminology.
  • She is the award-winning author of Behind the Night Bazaar, published by Text in 2006, and The Half-Child, forthcoming in September 2010—crime novels set in Thailand where Angela lived for several years.
  • She was arrested for, and convicted of criminal trespass.
  • She lives in Melbourne with her partner and their daughter, working in the community sector whilst dreaming up schemes to take her back to South East Asia.
  • She has patted a tiger and hugged a boa constrictor.
  • She thinks Tony Abbott would make a marvellous Prime Minister.

See Bayside Literary Festival 2010 for a full profile of all the speakers.

About Angela Savage

Angela Savage is a Melbourne writer, who has lived and travelled extensively in Asia. She won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for an unpublished manuscript, and the Scarlet Stiletto Award short story award. Her latest novel, Mother of Pearl, is published by Transit Lounge. Angela holds a PhD in Creative Writing, is former CEO of Writers Victoria, and currently works as CEO of Public Libraries Victoria.
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3 Responses to Leaps and bounds

  1. khim says:

    You mean I had worked with a criminal ??!!! Now, that’s not going to look very good on my CV !


    • angelasavage says:

      You’re safe, Khim: the arrest took place after my return to Australia in 1998. And I didn’t have the conviction recorded on account of my exemplary track record in international development.


  2. khim says:

    Phew! That’s a relief ! : )


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